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Directions: Travelling into Scarborough on the A171 from Whitby
Total Distance: 
Total Time: 
Whitby, N York
Basics Plus, Scarborough, N York
20.7 miles
0 hr 37 min

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Acc. Dist Route Directions
0.0 0.0 A174 Whitby, NYork
Follow signs Scarborough (A171) to leave by unclassified road In 0.3 mile forward A174

0.5 0.5 A171 Junction with A171
At traffic signals forward A171 and cross River Esk by Whitby New Bridge

3.2 2.7 A171 Hawsker
In 0.3 mile descend (12%) then ascend (1 in 8) 0.6 mile farther ascend (16%)

8.4 5.2 A171 "Flask Inn"
In 2 miles descend (10%)

14.9 6.5 A171 Cloughton
Bear right and descend

16.2 1.3 A171 Burniston
Forward (signposted Scarborough Town Centre)

17.7 1.5 A171 Scalby
In 2 miles at roundabout take 2nd exit (signposted Town Centre)

20.0 2.3 A171 Junction with A170 (edge of Scarborough)
At T-junction turn left

20.1 0.1 A64 Junction with A64
At traffic signals turn right A64 (signposted York)

20.4 0.3 A64 At traffic signals carry straight on

20.7 0.3 Uncl. Turn right in Salisbury St
Basics Plus
You have reached your destination.

Contact Details
Basics Plus
Mount View Business Park
Salisbury Street
Seamer Road
YO12 4EH

(01723) 371335

(01723) 357755


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