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Directions: Travelling into Scarborough on the A64 from York
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York, N York
Basics Plus, Scarborough, N York
37.5 miles
0 hr 51 min

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Acc. Dist Route Directions
0.0 0.0 A1036 York, NYork
Follow signs Scarborough (A64) to leave by Monkgate A1036

0.6 0.6 A1036 Junction for Strensall
At roundabout take 2nd exit In 0.4 mile at roundabout take 1st exit In 1.1 miles at roundabout take 2nd exit

3.0 2.4 A1036 Junction with A1237
At roundabout take 3rd exit

3.2 0.2 A64 Junction with A64
At roundabout take 1st exit A64

5.8 2.6 A64 "Four Alls Inn"

11.8 6.0 A64 (road to) Kirkham Priory (0.5 mile to right)

22.9 11.1 A64 Rillington ("Coach and Horses" public house)

26.7 3.8 A64 West Heslerton

27.8 1.1 A64 East Heslerton

29.9 2.1 A64 Sherburn

31.9 2.0 A64 Ganton ("Ganton Greyhound" public house)

33.8 1.9 A64 Junction with B1249 and (edge of) Staxton
At traffic signals forward
34.5 0.7 A64 Junction with A1039
At roundabout take 1st exit

35.8 1.3 B1261 Junction with B1261 (Starr Carr)
At roundabout take 1st exit B1261 (signposted Thirsk)

37.2 1.4 B1261 Seamer

37.5 0.3 Uncl. Turn left in Salisbury St
Basics Plus
You have reached your destination.

Contact Details
Basics Plus
Mount View Business Park
Salisbury Street
Seamer Road
YO12 4EH

(01723) 371335

(01723) 357755


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